by Team, ePortfolio

  • Empower students in monitoring and managing their own learning processes and trajectories.

  • Engage students in critically reflecting upon their learning and become lifelong learners.

  • Create opportunities for students and staff to engage in technology-rich learning environments.

  • Support students in collecting evidences of their learning throughout 4/5 years of study.

  • Provide a platform for students to showcase their professional and 21st century competencies. 

Main Learning Outcomes at Year One:

Students are able to create their own ePortfolio to document their learning evidences and reflective practices on selected courses.

Students are required to create ePortfolios to document and reflect on their formal and non-formal learning experiences in General Education, Language Enhancement, Co-curricular and Service Learning Activities and Overseas Exchange Opportunities. Students who are enrolled in teacher education programmes would also use ePortfolios to document and reflect their teaching practices for their Field Experience. Building the ePortfolio provides students with opportunities to consolidate and internalize the knowledge and skills acquired in various learning activities across their University learning journey.